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How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed


Erectile Dysfunction or impotence issue in men is well difficulty or inability in attaining and maintaining a stiffer penile erection for satisfactory sexual activity. Erectile Dysfunction condition is a relatively common issue, which shall be about affecting up to 30 million men of all ages in the United States and more than approx. 150 million worldwide. The ability for making love have an erection is needed for some complex coordination which shall be well among nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and the brain.


What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

The male sexual function might have all traditionally been thought of as a linear process: Under this condition, a man might feel sexual desire, including the flow of blood in the penile region, and it might go from flaccid to a very firm which is known to be an erection. After a period of sexual excitement or activity, the man might experience a condition like ejaculation (release of semen) that shall be well typically accompanied by orgasm (which is about intense pleasure and release of neuromuscular tension). It is important for understanding that ejaculation and orgasm which is well separate processes that might occur independently. Also, men can further experience ejaculation or orgasm without having any sort of erection issue.


The usual process of male sexual function further can be derailed by various circumstances, which shall include the below:

  • Lowered sexual desire, which might also be referred for lowered libido is also known as a common issue and it might occur when a man shall be well depressed, anxious, stressed, or having issues with his proper and favorite sexual partner. Some of the health conditions are well associated with lowered desire which is also known as a low blood level of testosterone, the male hormone
  • Problems with Attaining Proper Ejaculation (like enhanced volume and alterations in consistency) can all result from certain treatments for prostate problems, like consumption of medications, performing surgeries, and radiation therapy. Ejaculation is also common as men might age
  • Though Some of the Current Scientific Understanding concerning the experience of attaining orgasm which shall help in limiting when one might know that many factors might be well emotional, psychological, and physical which shall further contribute to altering these things might further diminish the experience. Alteration in ejaculation shall further influence the perception of orgasm for some of the men, while some others might also experience ejaculation but shall have mild or even no sensation of orgasm.


Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction in Men
It is possible for being self-diagnose erectile dysfunction or emergency impotence issue in men. But, further consulting the general practitioner or urologist which can help in identifying the specific cause of some symptoms, and further, it shall help in determining the most appropriate solution for having a proper lifestyle and medical history.

Medical History
The doctor shall ask several questions for better understanding and identifying the proper root cause of impotence issues in men. For example:

Are you currently consuming any of the medication or over-the-counter supplements? In case so, which ones?

Do you have any chronic illnesses?

If you are drinking alcohol or smoking like condition?

One might perform exercise often.

Knowing the frequency or duration of penile erections?


Performing Well Physical Exam
While performing some of the physical exams, the doctor shall hear the heart and further one must check the blood pressure for finding any sort of abnormalities, like a condition known as heart murmurs, which shall affect blood flow to the penile region.

Going Under Blood Tests
For further ruling out of conditions like cardiovascular disease or diabetes, the doctor might further use and perform conditions like blood tests and urine tests (urinalysis), for further checking the testosterone, blood sugar, cholesterol, and condition like triglyceride levels.

Usually while performing by a specialist, which is on performing ultrasound that is a simple procedure that can further help in identifying any sort of blood flow issues that shall take place in the penile region.

Going Through Psychological Exam
The doctor might also help by asking some questions about mental health for screening for conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress which can all impair erectile function.

Believing Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) Condition and Testing For the Same
This particular test is just so helpful in case it is unclear on the erectile dysfunction or impotence issue is physical or psychological causes.

Essentially, while performing NPT testing monitors erections while one might sleep well. Erections on sleeping well are just so normal and common. In case you might have any sort of involuntary erection while sleeping, the cause of the impotence issue is likely emotional than physical. When you might not achieve penile erections on sleeping, it might indicate some sort of physical cause.