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When did Actos first come on the market?

Actos was introduced in 1999 as a drug to treat type 2 diabetes.

What are the side effects of Actos?

There are many side effects by Actos. The most serious is bladder cancer.

When a drug is approved by the FDA - like Actos - isn't the drug safe?

No. The FDA does not have the staff or facilities to test drugs. FDA warnings and FDA recalls are often based on the work of others.

Must I prove my cancer is directly linked to Actos before I can file a lawsuit?

Yes, if you are certain that your medical condition has been caused due to the use of Actos, then you should file it.

I’ve taken Actos for a while, am I at risk for developing bladder cancer?

Taking Actos for over two years face an increasing risk of developing bladder cancer.