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How does Synthroid work?

Synthroid is a prescription medicine that helps restore thyroid levels by replacing the amount of thyroxine that the body is missing.

Which is the active ingredient used in Synthroid?

The active ingredient in Synthroid is levothyroxine sodium, a man-made hormone that works in the same way as thyroxine.

What about Synthroid dosing?

Synthroid comes in 12 dosing options to help the doctor find the dose that's right for an individual. The doctor will determine the starting dose based on weight, age, cause of hypothyroidism, and other health conditions, as well as other medications an individual is taking.

What to expect when starting Synthroid?

When an individual first start taking Synthroid, the doctor will usually test the TSH levels every 6 to 8 weeks. Try to be patient during this time. Because thyroid hormone needs are very precise, the doctor may need to make small adjustments to find the dose that’s right for the particular individual. And it may take several weeks before noticed that Synthroid is working and for thyroid levels to adjust to the correct level.

How should Synthroid be stored?

Synthroid should be stored in the cabinet which has child-lock. The room should be well-ventilated and have enough light.