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What is Detrusitol?

Tolterodine is used in the treatment of bladder symptoms when you need to go to the toilet urgently or frequently.

How to take Detrusitol?

Tolterodine is taken by mouth (orally) as tablets, usually twice a day. It can be taken before, during or after a meal.

When shall Detrusitol deliver its effectiveness?

Immediate effect might not be seen while first consuming tolterodine. The bladder will need some time to adapt. It usually starts to have an effect within four weeks. After taking tolterodine for two or three months, the doctor should assess whether the treatment is working.

What side effects could occur while consuming Detrusitol?

The main side effects are dry mouth and headache.

How does tolterodine work?

Tolterodine is a type of drug called an anticholinergic. They block the messages that start bladder contractions, reducing how frequently one might need to empty the bladder and sensations of urgently needing to reach the toilet.