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What is Desyrel?

Desyrel is used to treat major depressive disorder.

How does Desyrel work?

Desyrel improves symptoms of depression by inhibiting the uptake of serotonin by nerves in the brain. This shall result in more serotonin to stimulate other nerves.

What are the uses for Desyrel?

Trazodone in Desyrel is approved for the treatment of major depression. However, it is most commonly used for treating insomnia. It is also used off-label for treating: Cocaine withdrawal, Alcohol withdrawal, and Prevention of migraine.

What is the dosage for Desyrel?

For the treatment of depression, the dose for adults is 150-600 mg per day of regular tablets. However, the initial starting dose usually is 150 mg per day, which is increased by 50 mg/day every 3-7 days. The tablets are given in one or more daily doses, sometimes with the largest dose at night.

Is trazodone safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Trazodone should only be used during pregnancy if the physician feels that its benefits outweigh its potential risks. Trazodone is secreted in breast milk. Therefore, caution should be used in prescribing trazodone to women who are breastfeeding.