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What is Nicabate?

Nicabate is an effective nicotine replacement therapy in a convenient oral dosage form.

What is NRT?

NRT works by replacing some of the nicotine that the smoker gets from smoking, helping to take the edge off withdrawal symptoms such as cravings. This allows the smoker to focus on breaking the habits of smoking. Over time the dose of nicotine is gradually reduced and then discontinued.

How does Nicabate work?

Nicabate lozenges reduce the cravings for a cigarette and helps to resist the urge to smoke. The nicotine relieves some of the unpleasant symptoms such as feeling ill or irritable while you are attemptng to give up.

How to use Nicabate?

Lozenge should be placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve within approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Periodically, they are to be moved from one side of the mouth to the other and repeated until the lozenge is completely dissolved.

How long to use Nicabate?

You should follow the schedule of treatment below:-

STEP 1: Weeks 1 to 6, 1 lozenge for 1 to 2 hours, up to a maxumum of 15 lozenges in a day

STEP 2: Weeks 7 to 9, 1 every 2 to 4 hours

STEP 3: Weeks 10 to 12, 1 every 4 to 8 hours