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What is Sibelium Tablet?

Sibelium is an antimigraine medication, which means that the purpose of Sibelium is to reduce the occurrences of the migraine headaches in the patient.

What is the composition and Nature of Sibelium?

The Sibelium tablet is an antimigraine medicine. It belongs to a class of medicines that are specific to the treatment of migraine headaches. They aim to reduce the frequency as well as the intensity of the occurrences of the migraine headaches. The main active ingredient of Sibelium medicine is flunarizine, which is identified as a calcium antagonist and is used for the treatment of a large number of symptoms.

What is common Dosage of Sibelium?

The most commonly suggested dosage of the Sibelium 10 mg tablet is one tablet per day, which is to be taken right before bed.

How Sibelium Works?

The mechanism of the medicine to prevent migraine headaches involves the prohibition of dilation of blood vessels in the brain, which helps ease the pain. It works by preventing the loss of tone as well as the dilation of blood vessels, thereby preventing migraine headaches.

What are precautions and Warnings while taking Sibelium?

Patients with a history of depression must use Sibelium tablet only after due consultation with their doctor. Liver patients and patients with extrapyramidal symptoms must also use the Sibelium 10 mg with caution. Pregnant as well as lactating women must only consume Sibelium tablet after due consultation with their gynaecologist to ensure theirs as well as their child’s safety.