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What Tildiem is and what it is used for

Tildiem contains a medicine called diltiazem hydrochloride. This belongs to a group of medicines called ‘calcium-channel blockers. It works by making the blood vessels wider, which makes it easier for the heart to pump blood around the body. This helps to prevent the chest pain caused by angina.

Is it safe to drive and use machines machines after taking Tildiem?

Tildiem may make dizzy. If this happens, do not drive or use any tools or machines.

Does Tildiem react with food and drink?

It is advisable to limit the amount of grapefruit juice while taking Tildiem as it can increase the blood levels of the active ingredient diltiazem and may increase the chance of getting side effects.

What does Tildiem contain?

Each tablet contains 60mg of the active substance diltiazem hydrochloride. The other ingredients are lactose, macrogol 6000, hydrogenated castor oil and magnesium stearate.

What are things to know before taking Tildiem?

Tildiem isn't a cure for angina or high blood pressure - it has to be taken regularly every day on a long-term basis to help prevent angina attacks and keep the blood pressure under control. In case someone stop taking it blood pressure is likely to increase and the angina attacks may happen more often or get worse, so don't stop taking it unless the doctor tells.