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What is Zypadhera?

Zypadhera is a medicine that contains the active substance olanzapine. Made up into a prolonged-release suspension for injection.Zypadhera is used to maintain the improvement in symptoms in patients with schizophrenia.

How is Zypadhera used?

Zypadhera is given by deep injection into the buttock muscle.

How does Zypadhera work?

Zypadhera attaches to various different receptors on the surface of nerve cells in the brain. It disrupts signals transmitted between brain cells by ‘neurotransmitters’, chemicals that furtehr allows nerve cells to communicate with each other.

How has Zypadhera been studied?

As olanzapine has already been authorised in the EU as Zyprexa, the company used some of the data from Zyprexa to support the use of Zypadhera.

Why has Zypadhera been approved?

The CHMP noted that Zypadhera is effective in the initial treatment of schizophrenia and for maintaining a response for treating schizophrenia.