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What are Qualitative and quantitative composition of Utrogestan?

Each capsule of Utrogestan contains 200 mg progesterone, Excipients with known effect, and Soya lecithin.

What is Pharmaceutical form of Utrogestan medicine?

Utrogestan medicine is available in pharmaceutical form such as soft vaginal capsules. Ovoid and slightly yellow soft capsules, containing whitish oily suspension.

What are therapeutic indications of Utrogestan medicine?

Utrogestan Vaginal 200 mg Capsules is indicated in women for supplementation of the luteal phase during Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles.

What is method of administration of Utrogestan?

These are Vaginal capsules. Each capsule of Utrogestan Vaginal 200mg must be inserted deep into the vagina.

What is the precaution to be taken while using Utrogestan?

Utrogestan Vaginal 200 mg Capsules contains soya lecithin and may cause hypersensitivity reactions. As there is a possible relationship between allergy to soya and allergy to peanut, patients with peanut allergy should avoid using Utrogestan Vaginal 200mg Capsules.