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What is Cuprimine?

Cuprimine is a type of medicine called a copper-chelating agent. This means the medication binds to copper in body tissues where it has built up and carries it into the bloodstream, which carries the bound copper to the kidneys, which filter it into the urine.

What other conditions are treated with Cuprimine?

Cuprimine is also used to reduce urine levels of an amino acid called cystine that causes stones to form in the kidneys and bladder in people with an inherited condition called cystinuria.

It is also used to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis after other medicines that have been tried without success.

What is the main active ingredient in Cuprimine?

Penicillamine, active ingredient in Cuprimine has been shown to improve neurological symptoms, because Kayser-Fleischer rings to fade, and gradually lessen liver symptoms and psychic disturbances. Noticeable improvement may not occur for 1–3 months.

How much Cuprimine is safe for consumption?

For patients with WD, in the absence of drug reaction, dosage between 0.75 and 1.5 g in an initial 24-hour excretion of copper in the urine of over 2 mg should be continued for about 3 months.

What should be avoided while taking Cuprimine?

If you have Wilson's disease (WD), avoid eating nuts, chocolate, molasses, liver, shellfish, mushrooms, broccoli, and cereals that are fortified with copper.