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Sildenafil Citrate

[ Generic Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment ]

Sildenafil Citrate is the main active component that might all act by simply relaxing the muscles of the blood vessels and enhancing the blood flow to the penile. This is a specified medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men which helps in leading the best lovemaking session for a longer time.

Sildenafil Citrate Class of Drugs: Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibitor
Molecular Formula: C28H38N6O11S
Molecular Weight: 666.7 g/mol

How Does It Treat Impotence? 
The main active component of Sildenafil Citrate in the impotence treating medicine is an FDA-approved solution. This medicine is used for the treatment of male impotence conditions including erectile dysfunction in men. This solution is a popular medication as various clinical studies shall help in working for men with male impotence issues, regardless of the age of men. 

Why Sildenafil Citrate?
As per various clinical trials, Sildenafil Citrate composed pill has been shown for being quite effective for approx. 80% of men. The medicine is the first FDA-approved for overcoming male impotence issues. This solution is safe and effective that is trusted for several years.

Popular Brands and Dosages With Sildenafil Citrate As Its Component: 
The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is available in some of the popular brands and different forms of oral consumption medicine that are mentioned below. Medicines are consumed in numerous oral forms like conventional tablet, gel capsules, oral jelly, chewable tablets, and sublingual tablets as follows:
Assurans: 20 mg
Caverta: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg
Eriacta: 100 mg
Generic Viagra: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg
Filagra: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 120 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg
Filagra Oral Jelly: 100 mg
Filagra Dual Action: 140 mg and 160 mg
Fildena: Fildena 100 mg, Fildena 25 mg, Fildena 50 mg, Fildena Professional
Fildena Strong Dosages  : Fildena Double, Fildena Strong, Fildena Extra Power, Fildena XXX,
Fildena Chewable : Fildena CT 50mg, Fildena CT 100mg, Fildena Super Active
Hardon X Power: 120 mg
Intagra: 100 mg
Kamagra: 100 mg
Malegra: 50 mg, 100 mg, 120 mg and 160 mg
Manforce: 50 mg
P Force: 130 mg and 150 mg
Penegra: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg
Silagra: 100 mg
Sildigra: 100 mg
Sildisoft: 50 mg and 100mg
Siltrate: 100 mg
Suhagra: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg
Vigora: 100 mg
Cenforce: 50 mg, 100 mg, 120 mg, 130 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg
Eriacta: 100 mg
HiForce: 50 mg
Sildalist: 120 mg
Silvitra: 120 mg
Vigore: 100 mg
Zenegra: 100 mg

Consumption and Effectiveness of Sildenafil Citrate:
Consume the medicine composed of Sildenafil Citrate only as consulted by the doctor. Typically, the impotence-treating medication can work best when it is consumed approx. an hour before the planned lovemaking session. For achieving a stiffer penile erection, one should be sexually aroused while taking the impotence-treating solution. 

Component Sildenafil Citrate available must typically start dose of the solution is 50 mg, but the doctor can help in determining the best dosage as per the impotence issue. Some impotent men are highly recommended for enhancing the dosage for approx. 100 mg for achieving the desired effect for overcoming impotence. For others, a lower dosage of this impotence pill might be sufficient. Avoid consumption of the impotence solution along with a high-fat meal, as it shall lower the effectiveness of this ED medication.